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Absences are strongly discouraged during term time, however if an absence is unavoidable please complete and return the appropriate request for leave form.


Please click here for full details of our Absence policy.

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These forms will need to be completed if your child develops a short term or long term medical need. 

Short Term - provides us with authorisation to administer prescribed medication for a short period e.g. antibiotics for an infection.

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Long Term - provides us with authorisation to administer medication required for a long term condition or in a potential emergency.  e.g, asthma pump, epi-pen, insulin etc.

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We work with our caterers to ensure that any confirmed food allergies are accounted for in our lunch and tea menu's in order to do amend our menu's and to make sure that we are fully prepared for any potential reactions we need to have all of the information relating to your childs allergy.  This includes a copy of your Allergy Information sheet supplied by your GP or health care professional along with the two forms on the right. 

If your child requires an epipen or antihistamine to be kept on site you will also need to complete and return the Long Term Health Care Plan.

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