Applying for the Neighbourhood Nursery 



Thank you very much for your interest in our nursery.  We are delighted that you would like to apply for a place for your child in our Neighbourhood Nursery from September 2024. 


Prior to completing your registration form, which is accessed through the link in point 9, we recommend that you

  1. Book a tour to come and visit the nursery.  We have tours on 17th November and 19th January both at 8.40am.  Please email to book a place
  2. Go to our website and review the fees and pattern of hours which we offer. - Our Offer
  3. Read the Frequently Asked Questions on the website prior to submitting a registration form. Frequently Asked Questions 
  4. Have your Council tax number to hand.
  5. Note that you may only submit your application between 8 am on Wednesday 24th January and 3.30 pm on Friday 26th January 2024.  The link for the registration form will only be live during this time.
  6. Note that offers will be sent out in the week commencing 5th February 2024.  If you do not receive an offer on this day please bear with the process. There will be second and third round offers later in the term.
  7. Sign into or set up a google forms account if you would like to save the form at any point during completion, prior to submission.
  8. Contact the school office on 020 8969 2179 or if you have any questions or need a hard copy of the registration form
  9. Go to to access the application form and apply.
  10. Do not submit a second application.  If you would like to change your request to a different option please contact the school office directly.


GDPR and Privacy Notice

Safeguarding is our number one priority.  This is safeguarding not only of your children and our staff but also of all information and data which is collected and analysed.  Full information about our GDPR policy and our privacy notices can be found on our website via these links

GDPR Policy

Privacy Notice

Our Admissions Policy



If you missed the registration event for September 2023 or have moved mid year you will need to follow our IN YEAR registration process.  We fill all of our available Nursery places during the registration event, however this does not mea that a space will not be available at a later stage.  You will need to call the school office every Monday to register your interest.  We have a weekly meeting to discuss any upcoming availability and if there is a suitable vacancy we will contact you by the Friday.  If we do not contact you then repeat the process each week.