At College Green School and Services we dare to be different. We never do things by halves. We put our whole heart into it. We are passionate about our children and the world around us.

We believe to explore the world we need to explore it beyond the classroom and with glittering eyes.  We believe that every child should feel the sunlight dance upon their face, mud squelch between their toes, catch raindrops with their tongue and let sand sprinkled through their fingers. This way of thinking celebrates and allows us to engage in our unique outdoor environment. Through curriculum planning and implementation we provide stimulating learning experiences that broaden our learning horizons, by having daily access to learning outside the classroom, by embracing the elements and seeing the outdoor environment as the third teacher. We pride ourselves on fostering positive learning opportunities for interaction and engagement, which inspires a sense of adventure, intrigue and curiosity that knows no boundaries. We have excellent outdoor grounds and facilities for our children that include a spacious field, a garden, a mud kitchen, a pond, chickens and a sandpit.  In our outdoor environment the children can also engage in Forest School activities.


As part of our curriculum and planning we are committed to ensuring that all children experience meaningful, unique, frequent and ongoing access to Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) experiences and activities within our school grounds.


CG Outside the Classroom Visits and Forest Schools

We have fantastic outdoor learning spaces, locally and in the wider community, access to local parks, museums, gardens and a forest school link with Malorees Infant School which we use every Tuesday morning. Throughout the year we will be planning trips and visits in smalls groups to explore, discover and celebrate the children’s interests and learning experiences outside the classroom.