Neighbourhood Nursery

“We didn’t realise we were making memories; we just knew we were having fun” Winnie the Pooh.


As you walk in through gates of the Neighbourhood Nursery you enter our enchanted garden. Follow the path into the nursery…peep through the doors…and LEAP inside! For our youngest children, the Neighbourhood Nursery is full of BIG adventure!

 The Neighbourhood Nursery is a nurturing, family learning environment, which provides care and education for our mixed groups of two to three year olds. Here, the children work collaboratively where education is skilfully differentiated for all three ages. 

Through quality interactions, relationships and experiences, the children are given the support they need for growth in their communication, physical, personal, social, and emotional development. These areas are fundamental in the Early Years, which in turn supports learning across the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

 The Neighbourhood Nursery and College Green Nursery team share their knowledge and expertise in outstanding practice and plan directly from children interests, which puts them at the heart of learning

 With our love for Early Childhood, we are passionate about learning through play where children learn educational concepts, developing lifelong skills and behaviours for learning. The children learn to think, problem solve and express themselves, to use their imagination, to work together, to make friends and above all to have FUN!

 The Neighbourhood Nursery sparks curiosity, ensuring our children engage memorable learning experiences that are Adventurous, Courageous, and Extraordinary.

 Children who attend our Neighbourhood Nursery make an early start to their education that helps to prepare them for Pre-School age.

College Green Pre-School

“Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination. Take a look and you’ll see into your imagination…” Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


Let the adventure begin…

 The learning adventures the children create unfold before their very eyes, the moment they start here at College Green. They embark on a journey filled with imagination, exploration, awe and wonder.  At College Green we are passionate about igniting excitement and empowering our children to become leaders in their learning.

We have dynamic approach to child led learning facilitated by our multidisciplinary teaching team in giving the children the skills and knowledge they need to kindle their curiosity. Together we promote the lifelong love of learning and the fun of childhood exploration.

We strongly believe that children learn best through play, and that those experiences are purposeful and meaningful to the children. Pedagogical research supports this practice, which is why we ensure the best outcomes and support school readiness for all our children by the time they leave CG. We aim for our children to be courageous and extraordinary so that they can make a positive difference in their life and their community. Locally and globally.

Our dedicated and passionate team are thoughtful in their approach to learning through action research and finding new and innovative ways for children to learn. We plan, observe, and evaluate our curriculum ensuring the child’s voice and their interest is at the heart of everything we do at College Green.

We believe the learning environment is the ‘third teacher’ which is central to providing young children with rich lifelong learning experiences. This inspires the ways in which children learn and their development of their attributes and learning behaviours. This is why our learning environment is creatively organised into seven significant educational environments linking to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. In our learning environment, there are opportunities for children to learn independently, collaborative, to investigate, problem solve and to explore creatively

Our holistic learning environment help children to feel secure to thrive and grow ready for the next step in the world and academic learning.